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Sex: Male
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Status: Available
Cochise named after the famous Apache Chief, is 75 pounds,(eventually probably 95-100#), is an amazing, stunning, affectionate, funny, & remarkable one year old "puppy" rescued on 9/22/17 from the Brownwood Shelter. Being surrendered at the same time Hurricane Harvey was pounding Texas. his timing couldn't have been worse; there were few rescues able to take him at that time, and his time was up. .literally. Although not a Samoyed, we decided he could not be left to die.

His home was dealt repeated hard losses to the family, and they surrendered him in hopes of finding him a better future. Cochise was completely unsocialized, and was never trained, or was ever able to learn his "puppy manners". He's a mix of primarily German Shepard Dog, Alaskan Malamute, & Husky, and has the absolute sweetest and happiest disposition.

He is always happy and playful, but is extremely strong and determined. A firm hand with training experience will be required. Cochise has been evaluated by Nelson Hodges, Canine Behaviorist/Ethologist, IACP. Mr. Hodges was very impressed with his intelligence and positive temperament. After five weeks of "Play time" at a Dallas Dog Daycare/Boarding facility, he is now in a 4 week Board & Train Program with a well-known Dallas Trainer.

Serious Inquiries Only. Cochise is truly one of a kind, he may be ready for adoption next month. Cochise will need someone with experience at training large dogs to reinforce his training. He will need a very secure 8' fence, and room to play.

He is very "mentally active" and will need someone that can give him plenty of attention, interaction, and enrichment activities. He does not have separation anxiety, but always prefers to be with his human, and not left alone for long periods. Cochise is an amazing and unique opportunity for the right person who is also committed to his future development.

If you submit an application to adopt Cochise, please also include a narrative describing your large dog & training experience, , a detailed description of your home environment, and a summary of weekly indoor & outdoor activities you would participate in with him. To assure Cochise gets the maximum benefit from his rehabilitation and training at Samoyed Rescue of Texas, weekly/monthly Post-Adoption Home Visits will be made by a member of the SRT staff to continuation of his training protocols.